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Welcome, ready to get started with Bitcoin Cash?

This resource is for anyone looking to learn how to open and use your own personal private bank or Bitcoin Cash account (BCH Wallet). 

Why? With BCH you can privately send & receive money from anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world, at close to zero cost. 

You own the keys to your account, giving you freedom, control, and security over your savings, and spendings.

Step 1: Set up a wallet

First, bitcoin is legal in most countries, but check yours. Get started easily using a temporary web-wallet. What is a temporary wallet? This is your first account ever while you are learning about BCH, why bury yourself in overcomplicated software? Use a simple open-source web-wallet to familiarize yourself with BCH. Then once you know how to get going, you can find a more complicated wallet.

Coin.Space Wallet

The Simplest Bitcoin Wallet

by NxtChg

Coin.Space HD Wallet is a free online bitcoin wallet, which you can use to make worldwide payments for free. It makes paying with bitcoins easy and secure.

The Simplest Bitcoin Wallet is an open-source web wallet that is easy to learn and experiment with. is a 'phone wallet' that lets you send & receive Bitcoin Cash via SMS. Text RECEIVE to your region number, you'll get an address that anyone can send to.

Setting a Passphrase

Before you can open your wallet, you need to set or generate a passphrase. This is like a password that lets you get back into your wallet. Each wallet has an address, and the passphrase is tied to the address. It's very important you write this down and store it in a private space. Don't let anyone see it, because it is a private key to your digital safe. Make sure nobody is watching, write it down, take it home and put it in your own physical safe or lockbox.

Receiving Address (& Sending)

Your wallet will have a receiving address. This address is similar to a phone number (but with random letters and numbers). It allows anyone, anywhere in the world who also has a BCH wallet to send you BCH. More advanced (app-only) wallets (such as Coinomi) let you have multiple addresses and label them. If you want anyone or any system to send you money, all you have to do is give them this public receiving address. Why is the address so random? Because it is cryptographically protected.

Addresses can look like,

 This:   1LHmuar2FwGfhy53Foyp4eofjyTepw593k (Legacy)

This:   1LHm uar2 FwGx fhy5 3Foy 75xH (Depending on the App)

Or this:   bitcoincash:qvc1lgmuar2xwh5fhy53aoyp4eofjy  (new CashAddr)

It's important to know the difference between a private key and a public address. 

A private key allows full access to your wallet. You don't want to ever give it to anyone.

You can send anyone else with a BCH wallet money by typing in their address, typing in the amount, and hitting send. It has to be the exact address, always make sure you triple-check the address. Make sure it is BCH to BCH (Not any other combination).

Step 2: Ways to Earn BCH

Now that you have a wallet, it has a receiving address so people can send you money, you're ready to start filling your wallet. Thankfully, there are some online ways to earn. One way is to say hello to the world using Sign-up is simple, go to the homepage, click the green join button, then create your first post introducing yourself—or write about anything you like, even local news! (free to register & post)

If you need an email address for correspondence use where you can open a completely free, secure, private email account anywhere in the world.

Social-Network with BCH

Free, Secure Email


Get a free account at, introduce yourself and start earning today.

If you need email to start a acct, use free secure email by

More ways to earn Bitcoin Cash

● Reddit Tips: You can earn tips by participating in the community or by talking to #bitcoincash fans and tippr fans on twitter. Tippr is a tipping tool, and there is also Chaintip.


● Pompler/Yours: You can participate on which is similar to (There's also and but these are not BCH, you'd have to exchange it to BCH.)


●  Sell: Look through other merchants and see if you have something to offer: consider setting up your own web shop using or


●  Sell: Post something for sale on like clothing, tea, music, game-cards, paintings, labor, electrician, etc.


●  Tips: Got some BCH? Grab a Tip Sticker at - Local org? They have 'we accept bitcoin' banners and other useful items.


●  Sell: You can now post anything for sale for BCH on the global bazaar


●  Freelancer? You can create a profile on


●  Fundraising? You can now launch a crowdfundraiser completely for free with no fees using AKARI-PAGES see other successful fundraisers on (AKARI helps make this website possible).


●  Sell: Use, for tips or use to sell digital items like ebooks or digital services.


●  Contribute: If you're good at coding, you may be able to earn bounties such as the ones at or encourage 

other open-source developers on Github to start offering Chaintip bounties on their program developments.


●  Contribute: Earn Bitcoin Cash for your informative posts on all BCH Social Networks:,,, mattr, look for rewards by helping causes on


●  Stash and Exchange: There are many crypto airdrops that you can exchange into Bitcoin Cash. There are also places like where you can obtain a guaranteed basic weekly income to exchange into Bitcoin Cash when needed.


●  Contribute: Host torrent-magnet links of your video project, software files or more, and earn Bitcoin Cash using JoyStream.


●  Contribute: Help fundraisers raise awareness on - Browse P2P Crowdfunding campaigns and earn Bitcoin Cash by helping fundraisers reach their goals.


●  Contribute: Offer to start or help a serious Bitcoin Cash initiative through AKARI Dev-Fund using AKARI-PAGES and projects listed on Bitfund.Cash or reach out to teams on for future job openings.


●  Contribute: Offer to start or help a serious Bitcoin Cash initiative through the Bitcoin Cash Fund

Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner? You can accept payments in-person easily with BCH wallet+pos or cheddr (free)! wallet + PoS

Cheddr + PoS

Step 3: Where to go from here.

Learn all about Bitcoin Cash! Understand basic wallet security and other risks: Now that you have your wallet. You must understand you are solely responsible for the security and privacy of your private key. Read as much as you can about Bitcoin Cash & security - Be careful of any service that offers to "store and later withdraw" a balance because at any point in time the service can break or disappear and your coins will be gone, this includes popular online exchanges or exchange services. Ask any questions you have at If you're in Australia check out this helpful website.


● Learn as much as you can before sending large transactions: Sending to the wrong address could cause the money to be lost forever. Losing your keys could cause the money to be lost forever. Trying to send BCH to another type of currency is impossible, so don't try it! All currency must be exchanged, it cannot simply be "sent". Only BCH can be sent to BCH. 


● Upgrade your gear when you can: If you have access to a Smartphone you should be able to install secure wallet apps like or the wallet. Remember, it is better to ask those who you wish to do trade with to instead create their own BCH wallet and you can both use BCH directly! Send them to this page to help them get started. Research the best wallet for your tastes and needs. When you get lots of BCH consider a hardware wallet.


● Learn about Blockchain Technology and what makes Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin Cash so important: If you want to dive deep into the cryptocurrency world ask your questions at but as usual on be sure to understand any strict rules regarding communicating on the online platform. Everyone who uses Bitcoin Cash should understand the underlying technology called "Blockchain Technology" and why it is so important that it is changing the world. Some claim it is as or even more important as the printing press. Want to get involved helping others learn about BCH? Visit

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