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Terms - Bitcoin Glossary


A place to store your cash. It can be on the web in the browser, a browser extension, software as an app, or on paper via a paper wallet.

Hot Wallet

A wallet that is usually connected to the internet, making it "hot". Generally considered not as secure as a cold wallet (paper or physical wallet).

Cold Wallet

A wallet that is stored offline, such as a paper wallet or something like a USB-stick that isn't always on the internet. Generally considered more secure because it isn't necessarily possible for another (compromised) computer to connect to it.


The Blockchain is a series of Bitcoin transactions linked together to form a chain for validation purposes, the transactions are also grouped into blocks, hence: blockchain. (The distributed ledger). The blockchain is stored on many computers.


How many times a transaction has been added to the confirmed blocks (in the blockchain).


Or receiving address, a group of letters and numbers are put together like a phone number with letters and act as descriptor for which wallet the transactions are being sent to. For an example look at the bottom of this website at the donation address. This is one of our receiving addresses. When you need to send you need to know the address.

Crypto / Cryptocurrency

The method used to verify the accuracy of transaction records in the blockchain, cryptographic calculations are used for a certain period of time, similar to completing a puzzle. This period of time acts as a buffer, making it difficult to tamper with previous transaction records. These cryptographic calculations are necessary for the functioning of the blockchain and are inherently part of it as a form of "cryptographic" currency or cryptocurrency (crypto for short).

Decentralized & Distributed

Not stored on one central computer. Instead distributed to many computers on the network. For redundancy and anti-tampering the blockchain is distributed to many computers on the network, making it decentralized instead of centralized on one computer.

Open Source

Computer code that is published publicly online and free to distribute and duplicate (fork). The code is freely accessible for anyone to view.


When developers of the entire software codebase (computer code) is duplicated and independent development is continued from there.

Private Key

Not to be confused with an address. A Private key is either a code, a grouping of words, letters, or numbers, or password(s) that will allow complete and full access to a wallet. A Private key can be exported from wallets, and imported into new wallets (this is called Sweeping). OR /r/btc

A place where you can go to discuss Bitcoin (btc) and aspects of Bitcoin cash (bch) without getting censored, banned, or deleted. Since there is a lot of money involved, there is a lot of contention and controversy surrounding the August 1st. Fork. /r/btc is a place where you can ask questions of anything related to Bitcoin (btc) including Bitcoin cash (bch), and even Segwit (a modification of the Bitcoin protocol that separates out signatures) or Lightning (a second-layer software that claims to fix problems with legacy Bitcoin (problems that Bitcoin cash does not have).


The story of /r/Bitcoin, /r/BTC, Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash


A collection of evidence

Whitepaper / Bitcoin Whitepaper

A document outlining the functionality of the Bitcoin protocol. The whitepaper is what defines Bitcoin and is required reading for anyone wanting to better understand how the currency and blockchain works.

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